We will be re-opening the TOUMART NET SHOP soon.
We are adding new colors HOUNDDRAGONS and BEN THE GHOST CAT.
We are now able to ship to overseas via EMS from June 1st.
However, the price of EMS is a little bit higher.
If you would like to purchase from overseas, please send us a picture of the item you want via SNS.
This is because the NET SHOP is available only in Japanese.
We will check the shipping cost and let you know the total amount.
Payment is by PAYPAL only.

Thankfully, we have received some inquiries from overseas.
We are currently in talks with stores in Taiwan and the U.S., and are making arrangements to have them purchase from there.
For those of you in the US and Taiwan, please wait a little longer!
For those of you in other parts of the world, please let me know what you want via SNS,
and please use the TOUMART NET SHOP. I don’t stock Gundam and other products.
Please include a picture of the item you want, or the name of the item
Please give me your name, zip number, address, phone number, Paypal account, and email address.
I will weigh the package, figure out the shipping cost, and let you know the total price.
If you are happy with the price, we will issue an invoice via Paypal and ask you to pay.
If you are satisfied with the price, we will issue a Paypal invoice and ask you to pay it. We also ask you to pay a Paypal fee of 5% of the total amount.
Once payment is confirmed, we will send the package via EMS.
Thank you very much!

※TOUMART NET SHOPにある商品でお願いします。ガンダムなどの商品は私は在庫を持っていません。