One-off customization to be launched at TTF

TOUMART is pleased to introduce the one-off customization to be launched at DCON 2022.

It is painted with a very expensive paint called Majora.

It is a special paint that changes color in various ways depending on the angle of view.

Therefore, the price is a little bit higher.

TOUMA paints the paints himself, but he is too old and has old eyesight, so he can only produce a small amount of CUSTOM.

Knuckle Bear Another WAVER TTF2022 Version


BLAZE FANG Another WAVER TTF2022 Version

The TOUMA booth also features works by Japanese soft vinyl creators.

The TOUMA booth basically accepts cash and Paypal payments.
Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards at our booth.

We know we are going against the times with electronic payments and such, but we ask that you bring as much cash as you can!